Water Soluble

A-Lyte Amino Acid Concentrate (500 ml)

CODE: M721


Concentrated Amino Acids in a liquid form.

Acidified Copper Sulfate

CODE: M707


Used to acidify drinking water of Poultry.

Replamin Liquid with Iron (16 oz)

CODE: M717


A powerful group of vitamins and minerals including Iron that are designed for rapid absorption.Contains: B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C and... More 

Sodium Selenium + Vitamin E Water Soluble 60 cc Bottle

CODE: 3050


A potent water soluble combination of Selenium and Vitamin E in a water soluble base. Directions for use will be supplied with purchase. The perfect... More 

Vita-Pro-B Concentrate (4 oz)

CODE: V109


The best and most complete water soluble Poultry Vitamin Compound on the market today. Contains a full complement of vitamins plus minerals,electrolytes and... More