Oxine - Quart



Using Oxine in the drinking water destroys all the biofilms, bacteria and other pathogens in the water that can cause Gastric Distress. Oxine is the ONLY disinfectant FULLY labeled for misting over live birds. Misting OXINE over your birds will kill Airborne Pathogens and put a Halt to the Spread of Disease.OXINE is the only disinfectant USDA and EPA APPROVED for Human,Animal and Poultry Drinking water. OXINE, kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Spores with a Mechanical Oxidizing Action. Unlike other disinfectants, Pathogens can NOT become Resistant to OXINE and Pathogens that are resistant to other disinfectants succumb quickly and easily to OXINE.In tests conducted at the University of Oklahoma, Oxine was tested to be 200 times more powerful that Chlorine Bleach.It took 600 ppm of Chlorine Bleach to kill the deadly Bacteria E.coli 0157:H7 while it only took 3 ppm of OXINE to accomplish the same test results. Oxine is also used to control STICKY EYE in Ducks as well as Nasal Flushing of all Poultry. Complete DIRECTIONS are supplied with each bottle of OXINE.


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